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Innovate your Business Model

English Live-Online Group Work

workshop Innovate your Business Model

Why this workshop:

  • use great tool for analysis of the value proposition: value curve
  • discover new opportunities for competitive advantage
  • get inspired to think in solutions on macro level
  • gain insights that can help innovate value chain, and help create new business opportunities

For whom is this workshop:

  • innovation or change managers
  • process managers
  • business model developer or analyst
  • product or service designer
  • strategic decision makers

Information about the workshop:

  • live and online (Zoom or Teams)
  • language spoken is English
  • duration: is 4 hours and 10 minutes and 2 x 10 minutes break. (Total of 4,5 hours)
  • duration with expanded tools: is 7 hours and 40 minutes and 4 x 10 minutes break

Workshop content and tools:

  • you need to have a computer, microphone, and preferably camera. You need to sit at the desk because you will work in the web browser. Participating from a car, gym or beach could be an impediment.
  • you need an internet connection
  • we will use Miro collaboration board
  • you will get preparation materials about the business case. It will take you 1 hour to prepare for the workshop.

Preparation for the workshop:

  • When you subscribe for the workshop, you will receive a couple of links to articles. Because you should gain some insights about the case you are working on.

After the Workshop:

  • You will gain a 'Certificate of Attendance'
  • You will receieve Frameworks and Tools as a PDF file. You can use those in your work practice.

Pricing and Registration:

For an individual

€ 390,-

Available from January 2024

Workshop with Custom Case

Workshops are based on a business case. There is a possibility to adapt the business case to desired industry and context.

from € 390,-

Get in touch to schedule a workshop.

For Test Subjects:

Opportunity to attend the workshop for free. Because we test our workshops in order to gain insights.

This workshop was succesfully tested.